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Welcome to CASTP organization!


Who we are

The Chinese Association for Science and Technology-Pittsburgh Chapter ——CASTP

CASTP is a non-profit and non-political organization founded in 1994. Our members are highly educated and experienced professionals in science, technology, finance, business, education, culture, and healthcare in the greater Pittsburgh area. We're the most influential Chinese-American organization in Pittsburgh and is recognized throughout the United States as a leading Chinese-American organization.


CASTP成立于1994年,是一个非盈利和非政治性的组织,主要依靠志愿者和社区捐款运作,其成员包括来自于大匹兹堡地区的科学、技术、金融、商业、教育、文化和医疗保健等多个领域的高学历和经验丰富的专业人士。自成立以来, CASTP一直致力于促进当地经济、文化多样性和会员权益的发展。

Our Mission

  • Promote community and economic development of the Greater Pittsburgh area through science and technology oriented, commercial, and cultural activities.

  • Promote cultural exchange, and keep and promote the fine Chinese traditions.

  • Provide an environment and opportunities to benefit CASTP members and volunteers, such as through networking, knowledge sharing, career development, and children’s educational programs.

Board Members


Officers 董事会

President: Yuanyou Yang 阳源又

Vice President: Xing Chen 陈星

Vice President: Shengyun Fang 房晟芸

Vice President: Yuejun Zhao 赵月军

Board of Governance 理事会

Chairman: Jing He 何静

Board of directors
  • Yang Tan 谭洋

  • Min Sun 孙旻

  • Qian Lin 林骞

  • Gang Liu 刘刚

  • Yeyun Xu 许业云

  • Lu Bai 白鹭

  • ​Yanzi Huang 黄晏子

  • Wanshan Xie 谢婉珊

  • Susan Chang 张秋萍

  • Peng Cheng 程鹏

  • Haifeng Ding 丁海峰

  • Dave Jiao 焦德泉

  • Xiaoming Li 李晓明

  • Hanshuang Shao 邵寒霜

  • Jialing Wang 王嘉陵

  • Yongjun Zhang 张拥军

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