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Embark on a journey with us. Join our community!


Member benefits

As a member of the CASTP Organization, you’ll enjoy a range of special benefits designed to enhance your experience within the Pittsburgh Chinese community.



Exciting Events  社区活动

Annually, we organize a variety of activities, including the Spring Festival Gala, Spring Picnic, Annual Dinner Party, and more. Our members enjoy special perks and discounts at these events.



Exclusive Discounts 专属折扣

With a castp membership card, you can enjoy discounts at Chinese supermarkets and popular Chinese restaurants in Pittsburgh. Plus enjoy special discounts on other services: legal, education, finance, accounting, entertainment venues and more.



Community Connections 社区连结

We also hold seasonal seminars covering a variety of topics including healthcare, real estate, children's education and family finances. Joining CASP allows you to expand your social circle in the Chinese community in Pittsburgh and connect with professionals and community leaders.

我们还会举办季度讲座, 内容涵盖医疗保健、房地产、儿童教育和家庭财务等各种主题。加入castp可以让你拓展在匹兹堡的华人社区的社交圈子,与专业人士和社区领导人建立联系。

Discount lists

Discount in ALL Chinese Grocery Stores in Pittsburgh
Many More Asian Market (好多多超市) (5% off)
Lotus Food Co. 百合超市 (5% off)
Wing Fat Hong Oriental Food Market 永发行 (5% off)
Oriental Market 佳惠超市 (5% off)

The membership fee can easily pay for itself with just a few services

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