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CASTP 2023 Summer Picnic

Updated: May 14

A Day of Fun, Food, and Friendship

CASTP 2023 夏季野餐会:齐欢聚,品美食,结深情

The annual CASTP Summer Picnic was held on August 21, 2023 at the picturesque North Park Carnegie Pavilion, drawing a vibrant mix of families, performers, and enthusiasts from across the region. The event was graced by the presence of two notable VIP guests: Derek Dawson, Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives at VisitPittsburgh, and Amy Keller, the Diversity, Equity, Inclusion Leader from PPG.

2023年8月21日,CASTP年度夏季野餐会在风景如画的North Park Carnegie Pavilion隆重举行。此次盛宴汇聚了四方宾朋、艺人与文化爱好者。两位特邀贵宾为此次盛宴增添了光彩,他们分别是:VisitPittsburgh的战略策划高级总监Derek Dawson,及PPG的多元文化和包容性主管Amy Keller

Derek Dawson (VisitPittsburgh) & Carrie Xu (CASTP)

The picnic began at 11:30 AM. More than 100 attendees were treated with delectable dishes from Chengdu Gourmet. This festive event was further enhanced with a series of captivating performances that showcased the rich tapestry of Chinese culture. The Pittsburgh Xiaobo Waist Drum Dance Group presented the lively Waist Drum Dance “Happily Gather Together.” The melodious Pipa and Guzheng performances showcased the beauty of traditional Chinese stringed instruments. The grace of martial arts were on full display during the Chinese Tai Chi Sword Demo. The event became especially interactive when the audience joyfully participated in the ribbon aerobic dance to the music “Little Apple.” Toward the conclusion of the picnic, CASTP orchestrated a delightful lottery draw, adding an element of pleasant surprise for all the attendees.


Pittsburgh Xiaobo Waist Drum Dance Group

CASTP directors and volunteers played a pivotal role in the event’s smooth functioning, assisting in tasks such as meal distribution, registration, and carpool coordination. A big shout-out to the Pittsburgh Chinese Church for generously providing chairs and tables, and a hearty thanks to Elegant Housing LLC for their invaluable help in setting up the tents and picnic area. Their dedication and hard work were rewarded with the seamless flow of the event and the smiles on the faces of the participants.

这次活动的完美举行,离不开CASTP董事与志愿者的不懈努力。他们协同合作,确保食物分发、会员登记和活动流程都井然有序。特别要感谢匹兹堡华人教会提供的桌椅,以及Elegant Housing LLC在搭建帐篷和野餐准备上的帮助。是他们的无私奉献让整个活动顺利无比,也使得每位参与者都心情愉悦、笑容满面。

Lottery Draw

The CASTP 2023 Summer Picnic was not just an event but a testament to the community’s spirit, cultural heritage, and the joys of summer. The shared memories and bonding moments created during this event will serve as cherished milestones for many attendees in the years to come.

CASTP 2023夏季野餐会不仅是一个简单的聚会,它更是对于社群凝聚力、中华文化传承与夏天欢愉的完美体现。此次盛会所营造的温馨回忆与深情时光,必将成为未来日子里众多宾客的宝贵记忆。

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